AVLGMC Rainbow Society ~ December, 2017 to Present

Your Giving Makes a Difference!

Red Star Donor - $1,500-$2,500+

  • David Greiner and James Gray
  • Paul Bator
  • Butch Thompson
  • Will Stenger
  • Merrill Lynch Griener Ezell and Associates
  • butchOUT
  • David Hopes

Orange Star Donor ~ $1,000-$1,499

  • Nancy Banks
  • Will Jones 'In Memory of Seth Donaldson'

Yellow Star Donor ~ $750-$999

  • Barry Pate

Green Star Donor - $500-$749

  • Campaign for Southern Equality

Blue Star Donor - $200-$499

  • Jerome Simms
  • Rick Pollard
  • Ronald W Phillips and C. Larry Horme
  • David Berkey
  • Richard Henning
  • Chrysse Everhart
  • Tracy Elliot
  • Jack Parsons
  • Bruce Spang
  • BitterSweet Cottage
  • Stephanie Sharp
  • Michael McLaughlin

Purple Star Donor - $1-$199

  • Paul Adams
  • David Woodcox
  • Ralph Lambert
  • Sam Davis
  • Matt Evans
  • Chas Jansen
  • Ginny Moreleand
  • Andrea Henninger
  • Ray T. Moser
  • Jim Stratton
  • Christian Bernhard
  • Mike French and John Johnsen
  • Vic Mansfield
  • Susan Wilson
  • Barbara Bell

Special Acknowledgement

Thank you to these community partners for your donations in support of the Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus. We are grateful and applaud your generosity!

David Hopes
Jerome Sims
Drew Walls
Silvio Moura
Rob Blackwell
Simone Bernhard
Asheville Community Theatre
Asheville Symphony
Diana Wortham Theatre
Biltmore Restorative
Sunset Inn
Man Spa
Keith Prince
Rich Edwards
Wendy Newman
Key West Butterfly Conservatory
Bear & Butterfly
The Gorge
Simone Bernhard
Hilary Frye
Bruce Spang
H & R Block
Dr. Steven Vance and Stephen Eckert
Terra Pruitt
Hot Yoga
Shoji Spa
Market Place
Chai Pani
Woodfire Grill
Bone and Broth
Smoky Park Dinner Club
Night Bell
Flat Rock
NC Stage
Lupe Perez
Brittany Tantura
Ben Clark

We make every effort to acknowledge all those who support Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus.
If we left anyone out, please let us know!