Membership FAQs

I can’t read music!!! Why would I join?

No sweat! Though we’ve had some pros in our ranks, most of us are amateurs. You DO NOT have to be able to read music to perform, and perform well! All that is required is the desire (and of course, some ability) to sing. The artistic director uses a variety of creative methods to help our members learn the music and improve their vocal skills along the way. Remember, you have to start somewhere!

What happens after I officially join?

You’ll begin attending rehearsals, where the director will introduce you to the group and you’ll begin singing in your section. After a time, the director will listen to your voice within your section, and your seating location may be changed as we work out the best combination of voices and places for optimum group sound.

What is the time commitment?

Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus performs 2 regular concerts per season in December, and May or June. Rehearsals for these concerts occur Thursday evenings from 6:30pm – 8:00pm, beginning about 8-10 weeks prior to the concert. Additional weekend rehearsals may be required as the concert date nears. As a community chorus, Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus offers an abundance of social enrichment, outreach and volunteer opportunities for its members throughout the year. So the question becomes, “how much time would you like to give?”

Where does the chorus rehearse?

Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus rehearses at various venues in the area.

Where does the chorus perform?

Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus performs at various venues in the region. Other special appearances and free concerts may be scheduled throughout the season at various venues.

What is the financial commitment?

It is the policy of Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus that no member is denied participation based upon financial limitation, and we offer a scholarship program to assist with dues and other limited expenses. Basic membership dues per semester are $50. Additional expenses may be incurred for attire, costumes, props, special rehearsals, and special events, but this is minimal.

I am not ready for the stage. What else can I do to help?

If you are not comfortable being on stage with Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus just yet, you may become a Non-Performing Member. These individuals help the organization in all manner of volunteer roles based upon skills and preference–including recruiting, choreography, clerical, marketing, fundraising, box office, and other areas. Asheville Gay Men’s Chorus is a volunteer-driven organization, and can always use a helping hand! To volunteer, send an email to

How do I join?

To arrange for an audition, contact our Artistic Director, Simone Bernhard.